Faith Resources

I have found the following resources to be helpful and inspirational during my faith walk. I hope you’ll find them similarly informative and enriching.

Holy Bible
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Exploring Faith: Bible, Compass, & Map
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Inspiring Faith Testimonials & Personal Stories

Tammie Jo Shults

Tammie was one the first female Naval pilots and later was captain of the crippled Southwest 1380 flight. To an audience at Christ Community Church (12/14/2020), she spoke how her long-standing faith strengthened her while she piloted the plane during an emergency landing in Philadelphia after an unexpected engine failure and rapid depressurization. You can view her “Inspiring Story” here @

Strawberry Ministries (Darryl & Tracy Strawberry)

Though he had four World Series titles, Darryl Strawberry experienced a challenging personal life including addictions and jail time. To an audience at Christ Community Church (10/05/2020), Darryl shared that his purpose and passion is now serving the Lord Jesus Christ and helping others transform their lives through the power of the gospel. You can view Darryl’s “Inspiring Story” here @

D.A. Horton

Pastor Horton delivered a powerful sermon about the The Beatitudes on 01/03/2021. He spoke powerfully about what it means to be blessed and what it looks like to live blessed. You can view his message here @

Scott Hamilton

At Christ Community Church on 02/09/2020, Scott Hamilton, one of the most recognized male figure skating stars in the world and a 1984 Olympic Gold medal winner, shared his faith story and how it sustained him as he successfully battled cancer. You can view his “Inspiring Story” here @

Chris Baker (Ink 180)

On 02/14/2021, Chris Baker shared his inspiring story with the Christ Community Church congregation. His ministry, Ink 180, “transforms the painful reminders of destructive situations into beautiful art by covering the tattoos left from a former life in a gang or enslaved by human trafficking.”(Source: While Chris’ testimony included many powerful moments, a few of his comments really stood out (paraphrase): “…hard to live a new life in Christ when a tattoo reminds you of a past sinful life.” Also, he had the opportunity to monetize his story through a reality TV program; but, he declined because the production company wanted to de-emphasize or remove the faith component of Chris’ ministry. He declined saying (paraphrase), “If you take Jesus out of our ministry, there is nothing left to talk about.” You can view Pastor Jim Nicodem’s conversation with Chris Baker here.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash